How to build a robot car

How to build robot car when you have zero knowledge, skills, tools, money or time. If you have none of them, this building robots may be too hard for you now. If you have at least one, you could trade it for other resources and build robot on your own pace.

Step-by-step guide. (work in progress)

Building a robot could be tricky. Clear plan and support will make learning easier and more fun.

Step 1.

Understand what is robot car and what components you will need.

Robot car is a transport that could move autonomously following its program; human(environment) can affect its direction.

To move it needs motors and wheels.

To make decisions - microcontroller.

To react to environment - sensors.

To power all of above - batteries or power bank.

To move around all of the above - chasis.

By combining parts and writing program that will utilize all of the components you could build robot car.

Step 2.

Obtain two motors, power supply and try them.

Here is example of some motors:


Here is example of various power supplies:


It is usually a good idea to use compatible components. E.g. if you building robot with the Lego PF motors, then using Lego PF battery pack and Lego PF wires will make it very easy to assemble. Nothing stops you from mixing components, which may require a little more knowledge about voltage and wires.

Step 3.

Get microcontroller with led and run program that will blink led.

Step 4.

Use motor driver to connect power, motors and microcontroller.

Step 5.

Build chassis that will carry all components.

Step 6.

Run program that will operate your car prototype.

Step 7.

Add sensor to your car.


Need help with building robot?

Building first robot could be challenging. Here is list of resources that could help:

get help on our discord server:

Guides and Tutorials

Parts - cheap lego parts

Your local hardware store.