Send your robot submission to us latest by 2019-09-14. You will be able to modify your robot and update submission before that date.

All submissions that are done before 2019-06-25 18:00 UTC will participate in the giveaway of few digital books about electronics. 3 winners of the giveaway will be selected randomly.

List of books from HumbleBundle:


The minimum accepted submission should have enough content to show what kind of robot was built.

Live event schedule (draft)

Times below are relative to the start of event. Event time will be selected based on participants timezones.

Prizes will be send within 48 hours after the event ends.

Event rules

Robots should start in sector ‘16’. When sequence announced, the robot should visit corresponding sectors in the correct order. Each robot will have own timer, that starts after robot visit sector with the first sequence number (or 5 minutes after sequence published). Each robot will have maximum 20 minutes to complete tasks. A robot which got most points - wins. If multiple robots got the same number of points, the one who perform faster wins.

For each visited sector, robot gets 1 point.
To get 1 point for visiting sector, the robot should be at least 70% inside it. If the robot is only touching sector, it could be counted, but no score awarded. Each team could use “skip sector” action 3 times at most. “Skip sector” means that number from sequence is ignored by the robot, and no points awarded for that sector; that action cost 5 points.

Number sequence will be generated semi randomly, ensuring, that there is always 1 sector between them.

E.g. sectors:


If the current number is 6, then the next could be only: 4,8,12,13,14,15,16

If the current number is 14, then the next could be any, except closest to 14.

Robots should have led/lamp on top, so they are visible. When the robot is in the correct sector, it should turn led on for 1 seconds, and then turn it off.