Contest results

This year (2019) there was only one submission and no winner.

2019 Robotics Car Contest

The goal of 2019 robotic car contest is to make robotics accessible to people with little or no experience. If you are already skilled in that field, feel free to join and compete with others.

In this contest you will create simple robotic car, that could go between different sectors, and indicate in which sector it is now.

Feel free to use lego, vex, fischertechnik, wooden planks, cardboard, tape, your old VHS player and whatever else you have laying around. You could program servo motors with Arduino, or just turn simpler DC motors on and off.

The final round of competition will be held online on 2019-09-21. Participants will stream online video of their creations. Time will be agreed with qualified participants.


Awards And Prizes

Current prize pool is 50 euro.

How to participate

  1. Find location that is at least 2x2 metres. Build contest area there. How to build area.
  2. Build car (using retail RC models is not allowed) and take at least 5 photos explaining how it was built.
  3. Submit short video and photos of the your creation to the website/email/github.
  4. Compete online during live event (you will have to stream video).

How to build robot car when you have zero knowledge, skills, tools, money or time.

Need help with building robot?



Robot should be 40x40x40 cm max. It should have led/lamp at the top clearly visible.

Robot could be remote controlled wireless/wired or be autonomous.

There will be sequence of sectors published at the beginning of live event.

Example of sequence: 5, 15, 8, 16, 1, 8, 11, 13, 5, 3, 14, 16

Sequence will be ~30-70 numbers, and fastest robot who visit sectors in given order will win.


Full rules

Allowed streaming platforms

Deadlines and Important Dates


Competition started.

All submissions that are done before 2019-06-25 18:00 UTC will participate in the digital books giveaway (details are in Full rules).

2019-09-14 is the last day when submissions are accepted.

Live event date: 2019-09-21.


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First Live competition (2018)

Roboarm Online Live Robotics Competition 2018


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